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Other skills students will learn when we tailor our education for problem solving are: collaboration skills, communication skills, leadership and personal productivity skills, flexibility and adaptability skills, among others.Furthermore, educating learners for problem solving will heighten their awareness of the world around them, the problems in that world, and how they can play a role to make the world a better place.You might not think it is necessary, but it’s the best way to prevent it from getting messy down the track.Also everyone knows that the male race is famous for not showing public displays of emotion.This will help to even promote peace and unity as learners will grow to appreciate the value of human life because their education helps them to focus on human suffering and limitations with a view to alleviate suffering and break down the barriers of limitation.

So if it’s a holiday fling or a ‘just for fun relationship’ you’re after make sure that the other person is aware of this.

In mixed relationships you will find your fair share of cultural differences, and there will be times when compromise just seems near impossible.

The secret to a lasting happy connection is a willingness from both parties to want to understand each other.

It is most essential that you as a non-Indonesian keep your wits about you as well, when you start playing the dating game.

There are many playboys and playgirls out there that are ruining it for the good ones.

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This too is the case in Indonesia, with the exception being the freedom of expression on facebook. Try to create a trusting and honest relationship so that the airing of your dirty laundry will be kept to a minimum.

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