Tbi and dating best books on online dating

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Tbi and dating

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can, like any injury, range in severity from a simple bump on the head to something much more serious.

As I wrote in an earlier post TBI is unfortunately a growth area, especially in the military.

Image credit; When I hear of serious injuries to young athletes like Kevin,it makes me think about those athletes who are not even considered real athletes by many -- CHEERLEADERS.

Pearce's brain injury was caused when he did a back flip (even though he had on a helmet).

Reports from family remembers described a "lack of warmth or love as a postaccident development that placed a burden on their relationship", suggesting a causal link between TBI and empathy problems.

Together with colleague Claire Williams, Wood set out to examine this phenomenon objectively.

Afterall, they're suppose to look pretty while putting themselves at risk for dangerous injury. Cheer leaders have suffered many head and spinal injuries. The thing is after the TBI people walk around like this not knowing what they are doing wrong.

These problems appeared to be specific for emotions and empathy and were not associated with more general cognitive deficits such as information processing.

Some of the emotion-processing regions of the brain, such as the frontal cortex, are especially susceptible to damage in TBI due to their location and the front of the brain. The thing is after the TBI people walk around like this not knowing what they are doing wrong.

The authors conclude that the elevated occurrence of these emotional problems should be carefully considered in the treatment and care of TBI patients, since they may negatively impact recovery and later quality-of-life.

The team, led by postdoctoral researcher Ester Kwon, engineered nanoparticles to target neurons by borrowing a protein from the rabies virus.

They also loaded the particles with a strip of RNA designed to inhibit the production of a protein associated with neuronal cell death.

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In the neurology literature, "empathy" is classified into three broad categories, (1) cognitive empathy; knowing what another person is feeling, (2) emotional empathy; feeling what another person is feeling and (3) compassionate empathy, which is responding compassionately to another persons distress (see here for a review (Interestingly, that book was written by Professor Simon Baron Cohen, cousin of Borat-creator Sacha Baron Cohen.

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